Sundial Studio

Sundial is currently developing tools which, when used well (like any tool), will help you cultivate quality of life. All employees of Sundial hope to see a happier tomorrow, and we hope you share that with us.

What are we working on?

Sundial Authenticator (no cost)

Sundial's Authenticator is a high-security time-based code generator for your mobile device (or alternative device). The codes can either be random numbers and letters or memorable codephrases which are easily communicated and checked over the internet, phone, or paper. Since the codephrases are memorable and grammatically correct, it's very simple to use the codephrases to communicate with a friend or family member in the real world. Sundial Authenticator is a free implementation of the "Shared-key Derived Temporal Code" protocol. SDTC is a new cryptosystem which supersedes and expands upon TOTP, which is the industry standard of yesterday.
Technical Details
Date Published20182011 (7 years older)
Digest AlgorithmsCHMk-1-2048SHA1 (weak), SHA-256, or SHA-512
Digest Algorithm Output Length2048 bits160, 256, or 512 bits
Code Strength48 - 96 bitsless than 20 bits
Codephrase Strength96 bits (?)
Sundial Authenticator 1.0 (SDTC-1)Google Authenticator 3.0.0 (TOTP)Microsoft Authenticator (TOTP)
Energy use on iPhone SE running iOS 11 \n measured as watts/2^bitsXY
Deployment Security
Touch IDYes
Data EncryptionYes
PlatformsiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Java (platform independent)iPhone, iPad, Android
Open SourcePartiallyYesNo

Why a "Studio" ?

Sundial can help bring your ideas into reality. Possibly for no charge. There are only a few requirements:
  1. Your idea should have some sort of humanitarian or compassionate quality. We find that many good ideas already have this quality, so even if you aren't sure, let us know.
  2. You must own the rights to your idea and be willing to license the rights to us, so we can do our part.
  3. You must be open to recieve royalties over time, instead of an up-front purchase by us.
  4. Feel free to contact us over email at: ideas☺ , or on Facebook